Using the PrintPods

in Food & Beverage

Never thought that drawing patterns on food can be so handy?
Whether are you making a cake by yourself and drawing cute patterns to your beloved ones, or are you a bartender printing playful patterns on drinks to please customers.

With PrintPods, all of these can be achieved!
Simply plug in our FDA-certified Edible Ink Cartridge, PrintPods can print patterns on almost any food or even drink.

Print and rest assured!
The patterns printed by our Edible Ink Cartridge are safe to eat with confidence!

in the Office

Sometimes, our PrintPods can replace your signature pen.
PrintPods is small and portable, but it can help you to handle a variety of scenarios in the office.
By quickly accessing your signature in our mobile app, you can swipe freely to remove even a mountain of files.

in Small Batch Customizations

If you own a small business. 
Buying equipments are often not only costing big amount of money, but also taking space of your premise, and outsourcing job often takes longer time and sometimes uncontrollable. 
If it is just a small amount of work, just do it yourself with the help of the PrintPods!