1. Limited Warranty

Glorink or EVEBOT branded products are covered by warranty against defects in workmanship and materials when operated under normal use and handling conditions for 12 months. Coverage begins as of the date of delivery to the purchaser by Glorink or by an authorized dealer, in the country of purchase.

Glorink also guarantees that the consumables (ink cartridges, toner, batteries) included with the product, will perform according to the usage specifications as long as they are used prior to the expiration of their warranty period.


2. Scope of Warranty

Should Glorink receive notice of a defect during the warranty period, it may, at its discretion, repair or replace the defective product at no material and/or service cost to the purchaser. In the event of a replacement, the replaced equipment will become property of Glorink. The replaced item may be new or previously repaired to the Glorink standard of quality, and will assume the remaining warranty period of the product that was originally purchased.

This warranty does not include any compensation or damages whatsoever, resulting from the operating failures of the Glorink product. In any event, Glorink's maximum liability toward the purchaser will be limited to the purchase price paid to Glorink or to the authorized dealer.

Glorink's warranty does not cover any software not manufactured by Glorink, even when delivered with an Glorink product. The software may have a warranty provided by the manufacturer, as indicated in the documentation attached thereto.


3. Limitations and Exclusions

The warranty will be invalid in the following cases:

3.1 When the product's serial number has been removed or altered.

3.2 When the product has been misused, has undergone unauthorized modifications, has been used or stored in ways that are not in compliance with the environmental specifications of the product.

3.3 When the damage resulted from the use of refilled supplies or consumables, or when damages are the result of use of media that does not meet the product's specifications.

3.4 When damages resulted from the inappropriate transport of the equipment (packaging, installation, maintenance, transportation).

3.5 When damages were caused by natural or intentional disasters (fire, floods, lightning, earthquakes, etc.), power surges, or interaction with other brand products.

3.6 When the product has been totally or partially disassembled, or has been repaired by unauthorized person.

3.7 When substances have been spilled on the product.

3.8 When the external plastic case has been scratched or abused.

3.9 When damages resulted from inappropriate tests, installation, maintenance or adjustments.

The warranty does not extend to accessories (lids, covers, trays) or replenishing supplies and consumables (ink cartridges, toner, ink ribbons, batteries, photosensitive units, knobs, print heads, lamps), which, due to their nature, must be regularly purchased from us or our reseller.


4. How to Obtain Warranty Service

Consult your user documentation to ensure product settings are set up correctly and to perform the diagnostic tests indicated therein. Also, to keep the unit running at its best, always use Glorink supplies and consumables.

To obtain warranty service, buyers can first register for warranty on our website, or contact the seller directly.

When contacting us or the seller, the purchaser will be asked to provide the product model and serial number and may be asked to provide information regarding location and date of purchase.


5. Responsibilities of Purchaser

The purchaser is responsible for the safety of all confidential and proprietary information stored on the product, as well as for recovery backup files in case of damage. Any activity related with the re-installation or resetting of the software that was delivered with the equipment, will be billed to the purchaser. This also applies if the failure was the result of a defect in the purchaser's proprietary software or of a computer "virus".